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Mashie Unofficial

Mashie is a platform for restaurants to publish their weekly menus. It’s often used by school restaurants and other places where they serve a different dish every day.

When my school changed from Skolmaten (another such service which had an app for Windows Phone) to Mashie I got mad because Mashie didn’t have an app for Windows. So I made one myself.

Since Mashie haven’t got an API and I didn’t want the app to be a web browser that just went to one place I made a web-scraper to search the Mashie web page and translate it into usable information. With the menu data I created a interface similar to that of the Mashie web page but with the feel of Windows 10. I also made it so that todays menu appears on the Live Tile of the app.

I have permission from Mashie to make this app but the do not support it in any way.

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