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Honeycomb 2048

This is my personal twist on the extremely popular game 2048.

I’ve been making small hexagons here and there lately and wanted to make something out of them. So I made this game, a straight up rip off of 2048 but whit hexagons instead of squares.

The most challenging things about this project was making the hexagons and the 2048 game mechanics with a hexagon game area. To make the hexagons to be actual hexagons and not some weird chunk of lines was difficult, CSS can be fantastic but also the devil. To make an ordinary 2048 game I would have used an two-dimensional array but that didn’t really work with the hexagon game area since all the rows didn’t have the same amount of columns in them. but eventually I got it all working and it was a fun little project to challenge myself with.

You can see the game in action here: Å