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TV Controller

I recently hooked up a TV to my computer, and all was nice until I tried to browse the web from my bed on it. Now apparently, bed is not the best mouse pad, so instead I wanted to use my Xbox controller.

I could of course download one of many programs that map controller buttons to other actions and keystrokes, but then I would have to change between mappings whenever I change to a different site. So instead I created a browser plugin that allows for a per site mapping of buttons. That way, I can map the A button to K (pause) on YouTube and to N (open in new tab) on Reddit.

And I couldn’t keep this goodness to myself so I uploaded it to the Microsoft Edge Addons store so the whole world could benefit from it!

Privacy Policy

Uploading it to the store required me to have a privacy policy, so here it is: I don’t collect, upload, or transmit any data at all, period.

Hopefully that’s enough.